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GROUPE RICHER is the largest producer of cultivated turf in Quebec and also offers a vast range of landscaping products, combined with the best service in the industry.

The benchmark in Quebec for over 60 years !

If you are looking for the largest producer of grass in rolls, trust Groupe Richer! Since 1962 and now managed by the 3rd generation of Richer, our company is committed to providing you with the best grass grown in Quebec, whether you are a landscaper, a business or an individual. And no matter where you are located in Quebec, we can deliver our turf thanks to our many branches and sod farms.

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Formulated from the best cultivars, Gazon Richer is the best option to take full advantage of your living space. Grown in an eco-responsible way in Quebec, our grass is a guarantee of freshness and quality. Select the variety that suits your needs from our wide range Green for Life® below.

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Choose from our 10 varieties sod

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Discover our high-quality concrete products, with their unique textures and styles, manufactured by three renowned Canadian brands: Béton Richer, Oaks and Rinox!

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Modern and efficient landscaping products

Our concrete products will infuse panache and character into your project.

Order your samples of paving stone, slab or wall.

Home delivery. Fast and easy!

Get inspired by our projects

Get inspired by our projects

Whether your project is large or small, your modern or traditional style, your new or old house, here you will find all kinds of landscaping ideas that will satisfy you for years to come.

You have a project in mind?

Let us refer you to a landscaping partner for a turnkey solution, a guarantee of quality and peace of mind.

Advice and maintenance

  • Installation period

    Watering, the key element.

    It is possible to install sod at any time on well prepared soil with good moisture conditions. During the 2 weeks following installation, it is essential to water very abundantly. At a minimum, the soil should be kept moist to a depth of 2 inches during this period.

  • Fertilization

    The right recipe for a balanced lawn.

    When the initial fertilization has been done, no fertilizer is required for 3 weeks after installation. Subsequently, to maintain a quality lawn, follow this simple recipe: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (proportion 2-0-1).

  • Irrigation

    Properly dosed for a healthy lawn.

    Once properly established, a lawn only needs 1 inch of water per week. Precipitation can meet 65-100% of requirements. Importantly, a longer lawn (3-4 inches) will have deeper roots and suffer less quickly during a drought.

« I just had my grass installed by Groupe Richer earlier this week and it looks great! Even though we came across some unforeseeable complications, the installation department and crew worked hard around it and made sure my grass got installed. Thank you for the great service and hard work. »

Amanda Houle


New Store in Sainte-Julie

Have you visited our brand new branch in Sainte-Julie? No, you haven't had a chance yet? Well, here's a little guided tour of our latest store! 😍 😮 The whole team worked very hard and we are very proud of it!

Come see us!

1111 rue Nobel, Sainte-Julie, J3E 1Z4(450) 464-5465

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