with a shared passion


At Groupe Richer, the personal touch each team member brings to our team is central to our achievements. No one is a number here. We're just a bunch of unique individuals. Each team member is recognized for their contribution to the company and as someone who helps maintain the reputation the company has built over 60 years. It's easy to be happy, work with a smile and have fun in this kind of environment!


Make outdoor living spaces greener and more beautiful.


Consolidate our position as Quebec's leader in the landscaping industry.


Our values rest on being genuine, vibrant, and present! They aren't empty words. Moreover, our values extend to all areas of the company. But, above all, they lie at the heart of every person who works with us. They also guide and drive us daily in our actions and our work.

Maintaining a shared passion

To ensure our passion for our work, our teamwork, our products, and our environment drive our success

Making room for innovation

To stand out in the market and be different and forward-thinking

Being bold

To dare, take chances, and dominate to ensure our success

Focusing on collaboration

To combine the strengths of all departments to drive the company forward

Embrace environmental responsibility

By acting with awareness and commitment to the environment.

Be rigorous and disciplined

To ensure excellence, consistency and trust.

Teammates with big hearts and green thumbs

Beyond our fundamental values, we also have a code of conduct that defines our positive corporate culture.

Cultivating the Rich Team spirit means:

Having a positive attitude



More than 80 compañeros return every year to cultivate their passion for grass. They have learnt French, and the part of the Rich Team that works closely with them has learnt Spanish. Their well-being is a priority for us, and they're always included in all our social activities. Our team members even visit them in their home countries in winter to see their reality and learn about their lives.


Living in the present while also thinking about your future

We contribute to your pension plan because your financial health is also important to us.


Party, teambuilding, events!

On the way to the 4th generation

We are motivated to continue innovating and becoming increasingly 'green'.


We're looking for someone who adapts easily and likes to grow with organizational change. We're constantly driven by innovation and forward-thinking, and working conditions are no exception!

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No position matches your interests?

No problem! Send us an unsolicited application by email.

Unsolicited application

Want to become a richteam member?Show us your true nature!

  • 1. Apply for a position or send us an unsolicited application!
    • If your experience is a good match for one of our positions (yay!), our Human Resources Department will contact you quickly for an initial call.
    • Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted.
  • 2. If the call goes well (great!), we'll move on to the next step: the interview.
    • Interviews are always in person (so we get a better sense of how we're vibing!). Very rarely, we might do interviews via Teams.
    • Julien or Gabriel (one of our two managers), our Human Resources team, and the Director of the relevant department will be present.
    • We don't do formal interviews according to an outline. Instead, be prepared for a nice informal chat! People skills are just as (if not more!) important to us as know-how. Keep that in mind! 😉
  • 3. After all this, when will you hear from us?
    • If the answer is yes, we'll give you a call to tell you the good news and sort out the final details (if you still want to be part of our great Rich Team, of course!).
    • If the answer is no, we will notify you by email.
    • Expect to hear back from us within about one week.