Groupe Richer

Our green initiatives

Our mission has always been to develop sod in an eco-responsible way so that we can pass on fertile land and a healthy environment to future generations. Below are all the initiatives we've undertaken to achieve our green objectives.

Outils numériques

Digital tools

With a view to reducing our use of paper and cutting down on waste, we've set up several digital tools. For example, our “Get inspired” page has allowed us to stop producing a paper catalog.

Empreinte écologique

Green transportation

Our representatives have all been driving hybrid cars for many years, and we have now invested in a Tesla truck for our delivery service. We also allow some of our employees to telework to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, our mechanics keep the transport fleet in tip-top shape instead of buying new.

Agriculture durable

Sustainable agriculture

We practise sustainable agriculture using cultivation methods that encourage soil conservation and regeneration. The addition of organic matter, the sowing of green manure and the planting of windbreaks are just a few examples.

Variétés écoresponsables

MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly grass varieties

For over ten years, we've been developing more environmentally friendly varieties that require less maintenance, are more resistant to drought or offer greater biodiversity thanks to the grass species they contain. We've even developed flowering and flowering meadow lawns.

Fabriqué localement

Produced locally

We're proud to say that all our production sites are in Quebec. Moreover, our products are developed and tested under Quebec's climatic conditions, which makes them ideally suited for local use.

Économie d'eau

Water savings

Thanks to our TWCA and A-List certified seeds, nine of our ten Gazon Richer varieties stay green longer in the event of drought and require up to 50% less water. We've also installed a water recovery system in one of our garages.

Pas d'irrigation

No irrigation

During the two years of production, no irrigation is done. If there is a drought at harvest time, irrigation is done using non-potable water.

Gazon biologique

Organic sod

Two new varieties of sod are grown organically: they are fertilized exclusively with 100% certified organic fertilizer, and no chemicals have been added for over three years.

Produit vert

Green product

We're helping to green the environment with a natural product that offers many benefits.