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Our sod installation service is the best option for a hassle-free project that delivers flawless results (quality of seams/cuts). One of our six teams will quickly lay the rolls of sod, cut around obstacles, finish off seams and edges, and clean up. Site clearing (desodding), levelling, and preparation must be carried out before our team arrives.

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Benefits :

  • Fast, professional service: 24- to 48-hour lead time
  • Installation no matter the weather: whether it's hot or cold or raining or snowing (from April to December)
  • Installation on all types of sites: large, medium, and small, throughout Quebec and Ontario
  • Turnkey service: site clean-up after installation, including pallet return
  • Very competitive price
  • Experienced teams: for flawless finishing seams
  • Six teams that can install 50,000 sq. ft. of sod a day from Monday to Saturday and from April to December across Quebec

To get a quote or book our installation service, choose your sod (click here to find the variety that's right for you), add installation to your order and answer the questions!

Are you a landscaper? our installation service is the solution to your labour shortage!

  • Increase your profits by at least $0.10/sq. ft.: compare your total expenses with our quote!
  • Get more projects done every year: lay the pavers while we lay the sod!
  • Avoid extra expenses and investment (labour, equipment)

Antoine, our Installation Manager, outlines this service, which is invaluable to landscapers : watch the video

For more information or to book our installation service, contact us at:

installations@groupericher.com or +1(800) 363-5333 ext: 923

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