Over 60 years
Of transportation expertise !

Groupe Richer's transportation division can provide efficient and safe transportation for your company anywhere in Quebec and Ontario. In addition to transporting its own merchandise, Groupe Richer also provides specialized transportation for other companies and has done so for over 60 years.

Our 30-truck transport fleet is available anytime, all year round!

Flat bed trucks (platform) with or without forklift (moffett)

  • 10-wheelers
  • Tractor trucks with flat beds:
    • 2-axle (with or without curtains)
    • 3-axle
    • 3-axle drop deck (machinery transport, oversize also possible)
    • 4-axle (with or without curtains)
    • 4-axle twin-train
    • 5-axle twin-train

* All trucks are available with or without a forklift (Moffett).

Dump trucks (bulk products)

  • 6-wheeler
  • 10-wheeler
  • 12-wheeler
  • 2-axle semi
  • 3-axle semi


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2 juillet 2024