Famille Richer

The leaderin Quebec

Groupe Richer is Quebec's largest sod producer.

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Through the years

we've left our mark:

  • Official sod supplier for Expo 67 and the 1976 Olympic Games.

  • Contributed to creating Quebec's first sod research centre.

  • Acquired numerous sod farms and patents.

  • Registered the Vert à vie® brand and introduced new types of sod to the market.

  • Countless projects are carried out every year in many towns and cities!

Passion at work

From generation to generation for over 60 years.

Our ongoing R&D efforts, the incomparable size of our farms, and the use of innovative technologies set us apart.

Cultivated sod delivered across Quebec

Cultivated sod delivered across Quebec

Trust Groupe Richer, the landscaper's choice, if you're looking to buy sod for your residential, commercial, or recreational site. Thanks to our many branches and sod farms, we can deliver anywhere in Quebec! Not only is Groupe Richer Quebec's largest sod producer, but we also offer cultivated sod with exceptional properties from our top-quality cultivars. Whether you're planning a landscaping project for your backyard or covering a large area such as a golf course, call us!

Which variety should you choose?

We offer various types of sod cultivated in Quebec that meet different requirements. If you're going to be mowing a lawn that gets a lot of foot traffic or will be used as a playground, opt for a variety that's resistant to trampling. On the other hand, if you're not a fan of weekly mowing, slower-growing varieties exist, and if you want a more natural lawn, choose a variety that includes different species, such as wildflowers or clover.

What are the benefits of a grassed surface?

In addition to beautifying your property, a grass lawn offers a host of benefits. Like all plants, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which purifies the air around you. It also binds dust and various pollutants and reduces heat islands (a grassed surface can be up to 15°C cooler than a nearby concrete surface). Finally, it retains rainwater and limits runoff and soil erosion while providing a prime habitat for an insect ecosystem (ants, pollinating insects, etc.).

You have a project in mind?

Let us refer you to a landscaping partner for a turnkey solution, a guarantee of quality and peace of mind.